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index-to-circuit-mobileIndex to Divorce Cases of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court, 1816-1918

University of South Alabama Archives (Mobile, Alabama)

This index provides the names of complainants and respondents involved in 4,773 divorce proceedings in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Alabama between 1816 and 1918.  Most of the cases heard in this circuit are from Mobile County, although some are from Baldwin and Washington counties. 

An introduction describes the information contained in the records and provides definitions for understanding frequently used legal terms.  The actual cases are available to researchers at the University of South Alabama Archives.

onslow-county-bookOnslow County (NC): A Brief History

By: Alan D. Watson

Arranged chronologically, this book traces coastal Onslow’s social, economic, and political history from the county’s creation in 1731 to the 1990s.

Chapter titles/topics include: “Native Americans and European Settlement”; “Colonial Onslow”; “From Revolution to Civil War”; “Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Late Nineteenth Century”; and “Twentieth-Century Onslow.”

Special attention is given to Onslow’s maritime setting and to the impact of military installations, most notably Camp Lejeune.

Eighteen black-and-white illustrations enhance the text.

the-lost-colonyThe Lost Colony of the Confederacy

By: Eugene C. Harter

The Lost Colony of the Confederacy is the story of a grim, quixotic journey of twenty thousand Confederates to Brazil at the end of the American Civil War. Although it is not known exactly how many Confederates migrated to South America — estimates range from eight thousand to forty thousand — their departure was fueled by bitterness over a lost cause and a distaste for an oppressive victor. Encouraged by Emperor Dom Pedro, most of these exiles settled in Brazil.

First published in 1985, this work details the background of the exodus and describes the life of the twentieth-century descendants, who have a strong link both to Southern history and to modern Brazil. Southern ways have melded into Brazilian, and both are linked by the unbreakable bonds of history, as shown in this revealing account.

the-peculiar-peopleThe Peculiar People of Pleasant Hill

By: Mercede Jackson Tabor

The Peculiar People of Pleasant Hill tells the story of a family living in a small town known as Pleasant Hill located in DeSoto County, Mississippi and the memories of this tight-knit and hard working community.

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