Blog Explosion!!

michael_jackson_king_of_popLast week several well-known celebrities passed away including pop singer Michael Jackson (1958-2009). You may wonder what this has to do with the Local History Announcments blog and my answer would usually be not much.

However, when I arrived at work this morning, I checked the Local History Announcements Blog as I usually do every other day or so. What I found was a blog explosion!!

Since beginning the blog in October of 2008, I have added 56 posts on various subjects relating to history, archives, genealogy, and Lowndes County. I am used to seeing between 3 to 10 hits per day on average. The highest number of hits the blog has received was 42 hits in one day.

Last month, the average number of hits per day was nine. This month it is ninety-nine!

Last week, there was a 2,026% increase in weekly stats.

What caused this sudden surge? Did the wordpress statistics just get it wrong somehow?

Nope, my eyes were not deceived. I located the cause of the vast increase in hits when examining the search terms used when accessing the blog. Terms included “jackson family members,” “the jackson family,” “the jackson family then and now,” “jackson family photos,” and “pics of the jackson family.”

All of these terms caused the search engines to pick up on one blog that I posted last year regarding the Henry Armstrong Dedication celebrated here in Columbus October 10-13th. Henry Armstrong (1912-1988), world boxing champion, was actually born Henry Jackson, Jr. in Columbus, Mississippi. As a result, many of his family members, the “Jacksons” still live in this area and attended the Dedication ceremonies.

So, while I am not sure I can ever replicate the sudden massive explosion of hits on the Local History Announcements blog, this is a wonderful lesson in how search engines operate and how the specific words one uses when conducting searches are critical when locating the specific information one is looking for.

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