African American Schools in Lowndes County in the 1930s

The following excerpts are from the “Source Material for Mississippi History (Lowndes County) Vol. I Part 44” on pages 474-475. The information was compiled and written by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1939. The WPA was a federal agency created by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1935 as a relief effort to hire millions of unemployed on government projects during the Great Depression.

The two volume compilation is located in the Local History Room with the call number CL 976.209 LOWNDES WOR.

Note: The following content and terminology is representative of the era in which it was written.  No changes were made to the text unless otherwise noted (typically due to a misspelling in the original text) in order to maintain historical accuracy.


            Union Academy is the oldest Negro school in the county, founded as early as 1877, and governed by the same rules as Franklin Academy (the historic white public school).

            Mitchell Memorial School for Negroes, situated in the opposite part of the city from the location of Union Academy, is the second one in Columbus to operate as a public school.

            Following are the Negro schools in the county, some which are small rural ones;  Armstrong, St. Peters, Hardy Rosenwald, Brown Ridge, Trinity Rosenwald, Crawford, Charity, Anderson (Caledonia), Baldwin (Route 5), Banks (Route 3), Billups (Artesia Route 1), Black Creek (Star Route), Brownlee (Caledonia), Catalpa (Route 3); Cedar Grove (Route 5); Cook’s (Route 4), Concord (Route 4),  Crossroads (Route 2),  Franklin (Route 2),  Frierson-Rosenwald (Route 5),  Hardy Bluff (Route 2), Hop Well (Route 5), Leech (Route 2), Moore’s Bluff, (Crawford RFD),  Motley (Route 3),  Moses Chapel (Route 1), Nashville (Route 4),  New Grove (Route 5),  New Hope (Route 4),  New Zion Pilgrim (Route 4),  Oak Grove (Route 3),  Pine Grove (Route 1), Piney Grove (Caledonia), Piney Grove (Steens), Providence (Route 4),   Rocky Valley (Caledonia RFD), Sixteenth Section (Caledonia RFD), St. Paul’s (Route 3), True Zion (Steens RFD), Union Bluff (Crawford RFD), Union Chappell (Route 3), Washington (Artesia), West (Caledonia RFD).

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