What were they reading?

Over 170 years ago, before Kindle’s and Nook’s, people enjoyed reading things called books. Book’s that typically included only one story at a time and readers were required to *shriek* turn a page made of paper!

Often the books that we read are a product of our own time and culture.  What we find interesting now will one day be thought of as antiquated, if it is remembered at all.

That made me wonder what Columbus residents were reading during the early days of this area’s development.  Below is what I found in the local agricultural newspaper The Southern Argus from August 1839.

The bookstore Pfister & Goodwin received a new shipment of books that included the following:

Chevely, or the Man of Honor by Lady Bulwer
Deerbrook by Miss Martineau
Phantom Ship by Captian Marryatt
Robin Day by Dr. Bird
The Prince and the Pedlar
The Barber of Paris by Paul DeKock
Sketches of Public Character by Lord Brougham
Francias’ Reign of Terror by Robertson

I encourage you all to see if you can find information on these books to see what they were about.  The readers of Columbus in1839 seemed to like them!

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