Eugenia “Genie” Morgan (1872-1894) letters donated to Archives

Over 70 letters written by Eugenia “Genie” Morgan to Jemison Prowell from 1889 to 1890 were recently donated to the Billups-Garth Archives.

Genie’s parents were John D. Morgan and Mary Couch Morgan of Columbus.

In the 1880- 1890’s, John D. Morgan owned and operated a wholesale grocery and merchantile business named Morgan, Robertson & Co.  

He frequently traveled for business and allowed his daugher to accompany him.  In July 1890, he spent a month at  “The Oaks” resort in Asheville, NC.  He traveled by train accompanied by his daugher, Genie, and his sister, Genie Moore.  The letter shown below is from this trip.

J.D. Morgan and family were also among the founding families of the First Baptist Church.

Genie, along with her two best friends and cousins Rachel and Maggie, attended Judson College in Marion, Alabama. In the fall of 1889, Genie became very sick and could not return to college that year.  Many of the letters in the collection were written during this time. 

The letters were all written to her sweetheart and second cousin Jemison Prowell. His family owned a hardware business in Birmingham, Alabama.

Genie died in 1894 at the age of 21.

Her letters eventually passed to Jemison’s younger brother, John.

To find out more about the genealogy of Genie Morgan visit:

Genie Morgan on left.  Taken from the book "Lowndes County, Mississippi: A Photographic Reminiscence, 1830-1980".

Genie Morgan on left. From the book “Lowndes County, Mississippi: A Photographic Reminiscence, 1830-1980”.

Genie letter no 54001

Genie letter no 54002

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